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Muthurajawela Marsh ‒ A Hidden Sanctuary in Negombo

Muthurajawela marsh sarath boat tours

Muthurajawela is a marsh in Sri Lanka in the southern region of the Negombo lagoon, 30 km north of Colombo. It is the island’s largest peat bog, and is notable for its unique and highly diverse ecosystem. “Muthurajawela” translates to “Swamp of Royal Treasure”.

The marsh is believed to have originated about 7000 years ago. Muthurajawela was declared as a sanctuary by the Sri Lankan government in 1996 in recognition of its vast bio-diversity. The region supports 192 distinct species of flora and 209 distinct species of fauna, including Slender Loris, as well as another 102 species of birds. Some of the identified species have been shown to be indigenous to the marsh.

The marsh is a major local and tourist attraction, primarily for sightseeing and boating tours, and the area also supports local agriculture and forestry. Visitors to the region are guided through the sanctuary areas by the staff of the Muthurajawela Marsh Centre to avoid serious harm to the marsh ecosystem.

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