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Muthurajawela Marsh Boat Trip

Muthurajawela Marsh ( The wetlands ) provide a home to some 75 bird species, as well as crocodiles, monkeys and even some very rarely seen otters. A percentage of the profits goes toward local conservation initiatives.The Muthurajawela Marshes are situated just south of Negombo and covers an area of approximately 6,000 hectares inclusive of the Negombo lagoon. The daily high tide brings in seawater from the ocean into the wetland. Continuous mixing of these two waters over thousands of years, has led to a brackish, integrated coastal ecosystem that is biologically diverse and teeming with life. A variety of mangroves and other types of flora including medicinal plants are found alongside numerous types of birds, butterflies and fish, some of which are endemic. Crocodiles, monitor lizards, and Sri Lanka’s largest snake, the Python, are also native.  


More About Muthurajawela

Stratification: Mangrove, Lagoon & Salt Marsh

Size: 6,232ha

Status: Ramser Wetland – Wetland Sanctuary

Altitude: 0m to 10m

Temperature: Mean annual temperature is 27 (degree c)

Annual Rainfall: Average annual rain fall 2000-2500mm

Best time of year to visit: All year round; September to April migrant birds can be observed in numbers

Highlights: Water birds, migrating waders, many species of Butterflies and specially good for Dragonflies and Mangrove forest




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